Life bring tears, smiles and memories.  The tears dry; the smiles fade; but the memories last forever.

Are you looking for that one special element to add to an event you’re celebrating? Do you love receiving handwritten messages on birthday, holiday, and other special event cards? What if you could capture handwritten messages from friends and family on a guest book poster that you can display in your home and admire for years to come?

Hi, I’m Helen Tanyan and I believe that celebrating a milestone event is an opportunity for guests to actively share good times and good wishes together. My guest book posters capture your friends’ and family’s good wishes forever and turn your special moments into lasting memories.

Every guest book poster is custom designed by my team of graphic designers so that it fits in with your event’s theme, decor and mood. Your guests will love leaving personal handwritten messages on it and you will love hanging it in your home and reliving the warm memories.

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