5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and that means trying to find the perfect gift for Mom. As we get older, it can be a struggle to get our moms a Mother’s Day present that is both meaningful and budget-friendly.

After scouring the internet, and asking friends and family, I was able to compile a short – but sweet – list of Mother’s Day gift ideas. These ideas are great for either sons or daughters buying gifts for mom!

1) DIY Mason Jar Plant Pots
Mother’s Day marks the onset of spring – sunny weather, cool breezes and blossoming flowers. So what better way to celebrate mom than with a green, leafy plant or delicate flower?

I found a fantastic link on Pinterest that showcases plants in custom mason jars that are a perfect, low-key gift for mom. Try wrapping the jar in mom’s favorite fabric, or spray-painting it with chalk board paint. If you choose the fabric route, top the jar with a beautiful bow and string together a hand written note. If using the chalk board style, you can write mom a sweet note directly on the jar!

2) Gift basket featuring Mom’s favorites!
For those who are maybe less artistically inclined and who may not want to venture too far into the DIY route, try gathering together 5 to 6 items that are your mom’s fave!  This can be anything from chocolates, movies, bubble bath, makeup, pictures with her family… any item that your mama enjoys using on a daily basis, or on a relaxing night in. You can use any basket for this gift idea and be sure to top it with a special card or note to tell your mom how much you love her!

3) Spend a day out with your Mama!
While making or getting your mom a special gift is always a fantastic idea, so is spending the day with her. With our busy schedules, sometimes all mom wants is to hang out with her kid – grabbing a bite, watching a movie or spending the day in the park with a picnic.

If you decide to choose an outdoor picnic day with mom, check out The Sweet Basket’s website for awesome and delectable picnic hampers that will sweeten your day!

4) Mother’s Day Family Plaque
Want a unique and eternal gift that your mom can display proudly on her wall? Think outside the box and get her a personalized plaque from The Red Key! You can get her a Family Name Sign to celebrate her and your family, or a plaque that says Mother’s Day with your family members’ written names on it. There are numerous possibilities to comemorate mom’s special day! Check out The Red Key’s Etsy shop and start your gifting

5) The Classic – Jewelry, with a twist.   
If you want to go the more traditional route, you can always adorn your mom with a beautiful necklace or bracelet. Even better, what about a piece that is both personalized and chic? I found a few amazing items that are a perfect way to celebrate mom and the bond you share with her. Check out 3LittlePixiesShoppe on Etsy or mynamenecklace.com or Dyosah for an individualized necklace for mom.

No matter what you decide to get your mom, make sure it comes from the heart!

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What was the most unique gift you’ve received or given on Mother’s Day?

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