5 steps to a picture perfect beach wedding

5 steps to a picture perfect beach wedding

It really doesn’t get more romantic than saying your I do’s while ankle deep in golden sand with the sound of the waves crashing in the background.

5 steps to a picture perfect beach wedding (2)

If your wedding plans involve blue skies, gentle breezes and crashing waves than your wedding will require details you would probably not think of for the traditional wedding.  The following tips will help you make sure your beach side wedding goes off without a hitch.

  1. Think of your guests comfort – Basking in the sun might sound like a nice afternoon to you but aunt Marion might not appreciate baking in the midday heat.  A morning or sunset ceremony allows your guests to enjoy the beauty of a summer’s day without the danger or heat stroke.  You may want to provide guests with ice cold water, programs printed on fans and parasols to keep them cool and comfortable.  In case of rain make sure you have a tent ready and available.  
  2. Think of your decorations –  Greet your guests with a custom Beach Wedding Guest Book Poster where they can share their love with the happy couple.  You will want flowers with staying power, heat and direct sunlight are not good for many types of flowers.  When selecting a florist make sure they have experience decorating outdoor summer weddings.
  3. Think of your menu – You will want a caterer who has experience with serving in a beach location.  Cool, refreshing drinks and a seafood themed menu brings the whole summer beach wedding theme together.  
  4. Think of your vows – If you’ve taken the time to write out your vows then you will want them to be heard over the crashing waves.  Wearing a lapel mic will ensure everyone hears how much love each other.
  5. Think of your guest favors – Flip flops and pashminas would make for a practical and elegant way to keep your guests comfortable.  Really, is there anything better than cosying up in a luxurious pashmina on a summers night after a gorgeous beach side wedding.

Have I missed any tips that you think would be helpful to someone planning their beach side wedding? Let us know in the comments section.

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