You’re planning a special milestone event and you’re overflowing with the anticipation and joyfulness of friends and family celebrating with you. There will be memories that you’d love to put in a bottle so you could preserve them forever…

I’m absolutely passionate about bringing people together to celebrate special moments in time – and finding ways to turn those special moments into lasting memories! Perhaps that’s because so much of my life has been about the contrast between separation – for instance, getting laid off a job; and togetherness – the most significant of which has been adopting a beautiful little boy. I know what both separation and togetherness feel like – and those experiences have inspired me to create a way to capture happy moments.

I have always been ‘bringing people together’ in one form or another. As a child I remember thinking of all kinds of ways to set up our family home for birthdays and family dinners, and also organizing dinner parties for my friends. Family continued to be important to me during university, where I completed a degree in Child Studies. During the years that I taught figure skating, I set up meetings with kids and parents to discuss questions, common visions and often organized dinners to celebrate successes in competitions.

While I was in the corporate workplace, part of my job was to organize company events. Then I was laid off – and in that dark cloud, a silver lining appeared.  I reconnected to one of my childhood dreams: owning a business focused on family and sharing. Then, just as I was wondering how in the world I could ever make that happen, a friend told me about a grant program offered by a government agency. I researched it, and poured my heart and soul into an application. And I succeeded in getting a business start up grant!

Now a proud entrepreneur, I truly feel that I am living my dream – creating customized guest book posters that capture your friends’ and family’s good wishes and turn your special moments into lasting memories.

Why the Red Key? Red recalls the traditional red envelope given for good luck to young children at the Chinese New Year, to newlyweds at their wedding and other special celebrations. The concept of the key is inspired by the use of the same word in my father’s very successful business. The key is also a metaphor for unlocking, opening and turning – in this case, for turning special moments into lasting memories.

Do you have a dream? My advice is a whole-hearted “Stop thinking about your dream – live it!”

What others are saying about my guestbook posters

“Helen did the most AMAZING job with Ally’s Sweet 16 poster.  We had taken her to NYC for the first time as part of her gift and Helen really captured exactly what we wanted- the NYC skyline, some memories from the trip, some photos Ally had taken and found room for the beautiful message poem we found.  Pleasing a 16 year old isn’t the easy task but Ally was SO thrilled.  Thank you so much!” S. Rosilio, Montreal, Quebec

“The first was a guestbook poster for my daughter’s bat mitzvah. It was a hit during the party. All the guests had a chance to sign and my daughter was left with a beautiful souvenir from her party. Now when she reads the blessings written it’s like reliving the moment once again. We loved it so much that I purchased another guestbook poster as a special gift for my friend’s son baptism.” Gabriela, Lasalle, Quebec


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