All About The Name London

All About The Name London

I’m lucky to have clients that are willing to share their stories with me and I love how every story is special and unique. This is my first post about a little girl named after a place. Her name is London and her parents proudly displayed her personalized Flower Banner on her bedroom door.

According to London is of English origin and is currently ranked 85th based on the latest US statistics.  The name means ‘Fortress of the moon’ or ‘Fierce ruler of the world’ and the alternate spelling of London is Londyn.

There are quite a few names that reference places. Arizone, Austin, Carolina, Orlando to name a few. See the complete list here.

As well you may recognize some famous celebrities who named their babies London in the list below.

  • London Rose Daly – daughter of Carson Daly
  • London Emilio Hudson – son of musician Saul “Slash” Hudson
  • London Jane McDonough – daughter of actor Neal McDonough
  • London Philip McGraw – son of famous family/writer Jay Philip McGraw
  • London Ray – daughter of musician Brooke White
  • London Fletcher-Baker – American football player
  • London May – American drummer


Mom’s story on how they named their baby girl:

Coming up with the name “London” took a little bit of time when they first found out they were pregnant. They were really hoping for a boy and had his name picked out years prior. They had no plans for a little girl!

When the doctor told them their little bundle was a girl, her husband gave her his blessing to pick out a name herself – no pressure. She scoured through sites like to find names and searched other baby name websites. She finally came up with a short list and scrapped the whole list when she came across “London.” She loved it and it fit perfectly with their travel lifestyle (He was a pilot and she was a flight attendant when they met!). It’s actually Mom’s favorite city on the planet but she hadn’t considered it as a name. It didn’t take much convincing from her husband that London was going to be our daughter’s name.

After that, she went back to to find a suitable middle name. She saw another Mom-to-Be had used “Rose” and she loved the way it sounded. “London Rose” wins! Later, we found out that the official flower of London, England is actually the rose. It was a happy coincidence and she can’t wait to take her daughter to the city she loves so much when she’s older.

This is London’s story and we would love to hear yours. What was your process to name your child/children? Did you name your child after a family member? A celebrity? Or a place? Share your story with us in the comments below.

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    Apr 24

    Stephanie Nissen

    So cool to see London’s name story published! Thanks for creating such an adorable door banner – it matches the colors and theme of her room perfectly.

      Apr 24


      It’s a lot of fun hearing about everyone’s story! Thanks for sharing yours and I’m thrilled you like her banner and it matches 🙂


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