What’s in a Name?

We hope you enjoyed our first “What’s in a Name” blog post last week. Josie and Jacob are brother and sister and their birthdays are a month apart. They each got as a gift their own birthday banners for their rooms. Josie loves her birthday princess banner and Jacob has fun showing off his soccer birthday banner to his friends.

Jacob’s parents each made their own list of baby names. Since he was the first born the search was long. Mom and Dad shared their lists but unfortunately neither of them liked the others. One day they decided on Jacob and that was that!

According to behindthename.com Jacob is pronounced JAY-keb and other variations are Jaycob and Jakob (Swedish/Norwegian/Danish). Wikipedia states that Jacob was the most popular boys name in the US from 1999 to 2012. It is derived from the Greek name lakobos and Hebrew name Yaakov. In the old testament his name is explained as the ‘holder of heel’ or ‘supplanter’.

Here are some famous people named Jacob according to Babynamefacts.com:

JACOB D. BEAM, Diplomat
JACOB BELL, football player
JACOB BENDER, football player
JACOB BRUMFIELD, baseball player
JACOB CLEAR, 2008 Olympic athlete - Australia - Canoe/Kayak Flatwater
JACOB CRUZ, baseball player
JACOB FIGNER, football player
JACOB FORD, football player
JACOB GIBB, 2008 Olympic athlete - United States - Beach Volleyball
JACOB H. GILBERT, Politician
JACOB GRIFFIN, football player

This is Jacob’s story and we would love to hear yours. Did you name your child Jacob or any variation of the name? It is a very popular name!

Was your child named after a family member? Celebrity? What was your process in selecting your child’s name? We would love to hear your "how I named my baby" story.

Stay tuned for Josie’s story next week :)

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What’s in a name?

Welcome to my first blog post in my series on the origins of children's names. The concept of my company began with wanting our son Matteo's name displayed on everything we bought for his room and around the house. Before going to China, we thoroughly researched names and narrowed the list down to a few. I was going through the list with my sister and niece and they came up with other names as well. One of them happened to be Matteo which we immediately adored! As my husband and I were heading to China, we couldn't wait to meet Matteo and teach him his new name. We loved it and could hardly wait to have Matteo's name proudly displayed in his room.

According to BabyNamesWorld.com one of the origins and meanings of the name Matteo is described as gift of God and originated from Italy. It's pronounced “mah TEH oh”. Other similar names are Mateo and Mathew.

Other famous people through history with the name Matteo (from Wikipedia) :

Matteo Bandello, Italian novelist
Matteo Bisiani, Italian archer
Matteo Maria Boiardo, Italian Renaissance poet
Matteo Carcassi, famous guitarist and composer
Matteo Ferrari, Italian football player who currently plays for Montreal Impact
Matteo Goffriller, renowned 18th-century Italian cello maker
Matteo Messina Denaro, Italian criminal. Is on the top 10 most wanted list of the world
Matteo Perez d'Aleccio, Italian painter of devotional, historical and maritime subjects
Matteo Renzi, Italian Prime Minister
Matteo Ricci, Italian Catholic missionary in China
Matteo Sereni, Italian football goalkeeper
Matteo Stefanini, Italian rower
Matteo Tosatto, Italian cyclist who rides for Quick Step-Innergetic in the UCI ProTour
Matteo Vittucci, Italian-American dancer, known professionally as Matteo

This is our story and we would love to hear yours. Did you name your child Matteo or any variation of the name? It’s a popular name these days!

Was your child named after a family member? Celebrity? What was your process to select the name? We would love to hear your "how I named my baby" story.

Stay tuned for another blog post of one of the names on our clients banner.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Baptism Signature Banner

Here are the before and after pictures of a new baptism signature banner.  This banner was designed for a baby boy celebrating his holy communion. A guest is leaving a personal message and as he grows his parents will be able to read all the heartfelt messages.  A beautiful keepsake that will last a lifetime.


New Bat Mitzvah Banner

Here are the before and after pictures of our latest signature banner.  Our client loved her daughter's bat Mitzvah banner!  The guests gathered around and left heartwarming messages of love for her special occasion.  This banner captured the essence of the celebration and will be a conversation piece that will last a lifetime.  Congratulations to the lovely young lady :)

Bat Mitzvah Banner20140610_210626_resized

Memorable Teacher’s Gift

For some children the end of school is quickly approaching.  Most parents and kids are wondering what to get their favorite teacher as a gift. What if, collaboratively, every student gives a gift of love and appreciation?  Our signature banners can be customized to your specifications.

Imagine this banner with all the children's handwritten messages! It is a previous gift for their special teacher.


Contact us and we would be thrilled to discuss your 2013-2014 teacher's gift!


Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching! Our Family Name Banner is the perfect gift for Dad!  Click on our photo gallery to see how exquisite they are. Choose from our various styles and colors in our shop.  If we don't have the exact color you are looking for contact us and we will be happy to discuss options. The Family Name Banner can be placed above a door, in the entrance of a home, on the wall above a couch, on a buffet or fireplace mantel.  A perfect gift to show your love!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Blue theme black box present gift with polka dot ribbon and white heart shape tag with Happy Fathers Day message


Signature Banner SALE – 2 weeks left

Is your wedding day coming up? Are you celebrating an anniversary, retirement, religious event, bridal shower or engagement? Do you want to be the first to surprise your loved one with a signature banner.

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Shopping From The Heart

Shopping From The Heart is a charity event where proceeds go to The Montreal Children's Hospital, The Lakeshore Hospital Maternity Ward and The Royal Victoria NICU.  Visit http://shoppingfromtheheart.blogspot.ca/  to find out more.

Come shop this Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 from 7-10pm at The Holiday Inn in Pointe-Claire.  There will be a raffle prizes, a silent auction and surprises!

Hope to see you at our table where our beautiful banners will be on display and we will be offering special discounts for one night only.


Salon Prénatal et Jeunes Familles/The Prenatal and Young Family Fair

We would like to thank everyone who came by our table at the Salon Prénatal et Jeunes Familles/The Prenatal and Young Family Fair in Île-Perrot on Sunday April 27, 2014.  The kids and parents had fun signing our banner!  The organizers Christina Maurice Fazio and Darcy Chantal did a fantastic job hosting the 1st annual fair and we hope to be back next year.20140427_10324920140427_11214020140427_12231620140427_111446

Montreal General Hospital Fundraiser

We were proud to support The Singer Family Fund for Lupus Research on Thursday April 24, 2014.  A huge thank you to everyone who came by our table and participated in our raffle. The lead in charge of fundraising Montreal General Hospital_April 24th, 2014activities for the Lupus Department drew the winner at the end of the event.  We met lovely people at the MGH and we hope our new clients will love their banners!
MGH Draw April 24, 2014


New Product Launch – Luxury Banners

We are excited to announce the official launch of our exclusive Family Name Banners!

They are beautifully designed for the home and available in two versions. The standard and deluxe versions are categorized in our shop under Family Name Banner.

They are perfect to display in the entrance of your home, on a fireplace mantel or above any door. These exquisite banners are great gifts for the first time home buyer or for any special occasion.

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New product launch

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our new Bedroom Door Banners!! They are so cute and kids will love them!

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We have also created a new Photo Gallery under the ‘About Us’ section showcasing pictures of our banners.

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My wedding anniversary story

Spring is finally here, the sun is out and the 2014 wedding season is upon us. Our signature banners are designed to capture these moments in time and with every celebration (engagements, weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, etc), family and friends are there to share the joy.

Our clients have asked for larger signature banners so we aim to please!   Visit our shop under Occasions to see our latest styles and sizes.  To celebrate the season enjoy 25% off our wedding and anniversary banners.

Here's the story of my wedding anniversary.  This past New Year’s Eve my husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  Time flies doesn’t it?!   When planning our wedding we decided on an intimate setting with close family and friends.  We explored all our options from a cruise wedding to an island wedding. Before we met, my husband hosted every New Year’s Eve so we finally decided on a NYE wedding.  What a perfect time to share our vows in front of our loved ones and ring in the New Year at the same time.  The ceremony was beautiful with my brother-in-law officiating the wedding.  Now, every NYE is a double celebration!

Our guests and kids had a blast signing our wedH&T wedding anniversary signature banner_dec31, 2013ding anniversary signature banner and it is now beautifully displayed in our home.

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Happy St-Patrick’s Day SALE!

Happy St-Patrick’s Day!

St-Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday and we are thrilled to offer another great promotion!

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St-Patrick's Day Sale

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Fundraiser for Lauren

Knock Knock Banners was proud to support Lauren's 3rd Birthday Party Fundraiser this past weekend!  Lauren has Krabbe Disease, a rare and often fatal degenerative disorder that affects the nervous system.  She just turned 3 which is rare among children suffering from this disorder.   We raised funds for Lauren and the MAB-MACKAY Foundation.

Thank you to everyone who came by our table and supported Lauren and her family!