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Best knock knock joke from a 6 year old!

For our very first blog post welcoming you to Knock Knock Banners I thought we’d share a special video of my husband and son Matteo having fun telling knock knock jokes.  This is how our company came to creation.  Check out About Us for more details.

Keep in mind Matteo started telling knock knock jokes at age 4.  The one he tells in this video was his favorite. When he was little he kept saying the wrong word/punch line when telling the joke.  It was so cute.

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Please who?
Please let me in it’s cold out there.
It was suppose to be "Police"!! :)

Signature Banner – A treasured keepsake for a university graduation!

Stephanie graduation bannersmallerA signature banner to capture memories for my step-daughter’s university graduation. Our family and friends celebrated this special occasion on a beautiful summer day. The banner was signed with messages of love and best wishes.

Stephanie loves her beautiful personalized banner that reminds her of the huge accomplishment in her life. Her signature banner is hanging on her office wall and is a great conversation piece for visitors.

Graduation Banner2