Handcrafted Industry

Handcrafted Industry

There is something special about buying a product you know has been hand crafted.  You may even find yourself going out of your way to let others know that yes indeed the object they are admiring is handmade, often, making it a one of a kind.  


The people behind these lovingly crafted objects pour their creativity and passion into each and every piece they create, for them it truly is a labour of love.

For some, the love of creating begins in childhood and carries through to adulthood.  The joy that comes from creating something and the joy that comes from giving it as a gift is a special feeling.  

For others, it’s rediscovering that childhood passion and the opportunity to create a business that lets them make a living while exploring their craft.

A few minutes on Etsy will have your cart full of unique, amazing finds.  Whether you head to the cash register or fill up your Wishlist, you will not leave uninspired.

From wall art, statues, dolls, books, wedding accessories (invitations, guest books, dresses, rings etc)…the list goes on and on.  Etsy provides artists and entrepreneurs the space to sell their wares and a place for those interested in handmade products to shop away.

When you purchase handmade items, you are directly helping entrepreneurs who are happy to fill your order.

With the focus not only on the unique item itself but also on the artisan themselves, this gives us the human connection we crave.  Not only are we receiving something unique we are also helping someone realize their dream of making a living through their craft.

Handcrafted items are the one’s we keep, the one’s we covet.  There is a greater meaning to owning something that an artist has taken care to create, it is not generic or mass produced, it is lovingly crafted by hand, and that makes it special.

What handcrafted item have you purchased? We would love to hear your experience in the comments below.

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