Handcrafted Industry

There is something special about buying a product you know has been hand crafted.  You may even find yourself going out of your way to let others know that yes indeed the object they are admiring is handmade, often, making it a one of a kind.  


The people behind these lovingly crafted objects pour their creativity and passion into each and every piece they create, for them it truly is a labour of love.

For some, the love of creating begins in childhood and carries through to adulthood.  The joy that comes from creating something and the joy that comes from giving it as a gift is a special feeling.  

For others, it's rediscovering that childhood passion and the opportunity to create a business that lets them make a living while exploring their craft.

A few minutes on Etsy will have your cart full of unique, amazing finds.  Whether you head to the cash register or fill up your Wishlist, you will not leave uninspired.

From wall art, statues, dolls, books, wedding accessories (invitations, guest books, dresses, rings etc)...the list goes on and on.  Etsy provides artists and entrepreneurs the space to sell their wares and a place for those interested in handmade products to shop away.

When you purchase handmade items, you are directly helping entrepreneurs who are happy to fill your order.

With the focus not only on the unique item itself but also on the artisan themselves, this gives us the human connection we crave.  Not only are we receiving something unique we are also helping someone realize their dream of making a living through their craft.

Handcrafted items are the one’s we keep, the one’s we covet.  There is a greater meaning to owning something that an artist has taken care to create, it is not generic or mass produced, it is lovingly crafted by hand, and that makes it special.

What handcrafted item have you purchased? We would love to hear your experience in the comments below.

5 steps to a picture perfect beach wedding

It really doesn’t get more romantic than saying your I do’s while ankle deep in golden sand with the sound of the waves crashing in the background.

5 steps to a picture perfect beach wedding (2)

If your wedding plans involve blue skies, gentle breezes and crashing waves than your wedding will require details you would probably not think of for the traditional wedding.  The following tips will help you make sure your beach side wedding goes off without a hitch.

  1. Think of your guests comfort - Basking in the sun might sound like a nice afternoon to you but aunt Marion might not appreciate baking in the midday heat.  A morning or sunset ceremony allows your guests to enjoy the beauty of a summer’s day without the danger or heat stroke.  You may want to provide guests with ice cold water, programs printed on fans and parasols to keep them cool and comfortable.  In case of rain make sure you have a tent ready and available.  
  2. Think of your decorations -  Greet your guests with a custom Beach Wedding Guest Book Poster where they can share their love with the happy couple.  You will want flowers with staying power, heat and direct sunlight are not good for many types of flowers.  When selecting a florist make sure they have experience decorating outdoor summer weddings.
  3. Think of your menu - You will want a caterer who has experience with serving in a beach location.  Cool, refreshing drinks and a seafood themed menu brings the whole summer beach wedding theme together.  
  4. Think of your vows - If you’ve taken the time to write out your vows then you will want them to be heard over the crashing waves.  Wearing a lapel mic will ensure everyone hears how much love each other.
  5. Think of your guest favors - Flip flops and pashminas would make for a practical and elegant way to keep your guests comfortable.  Really, is there anything better than cosying up in a luxurious pashmina on a summers night after a gorgeous beach side wedding.

Have I missed any tips that you think would be helpful to someone planning their beach side wedding? Let us know in the comments section.

5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With father’s day right around the corner it’s time to start planning how you will celebrate the father in your life.  Forget the neck ties and coffee mugs and take your gift giving to the next level with these unique father’s day gift ideas.  There’s something for every budget and type of dad, from sporty guys to not so sporty guys and everything in between.

  1. An experience- What better way to celebrate him than experiencing something amazing together?  Zip-lining, mountain biking, trip to the museum, road trip, movies, concert tickets, golfing range.  Think of what he enjoys doing in his free time and find something you know will wow him.
  2. Lessons-  From guitar lessons to hockey training sessions to writing classes, the possibilities are as endless as his hobbies and passions.
  3. TIME ALONE-  This one doesn’t cost a thing.  Why does he spend so much time in the bathroom?  Because he likes time to himself.  Pick a day, pack up the kids and let him know you’ll be back in a few hours.
  4. Throw him a party, could there be a better reason to throw a party than to celebrate the father of your children or your father?  Get the family in on it and make it a surprise.  A guest book at the entrance of the party will give you and all of his loved ones a chance to let him know how much he means to you and is sure to become a lasting memory for him to cherish.
  5. A truly unique gift will always be the homemade cards with small handprints and wobbly printing, those gifts are the ones that let him know he’s the best Daddy ever.

Father’s Day comes just once a year so take some time to show him you put some thought into his gift. No matter what you give him, if he know’s you’ve put time and effort into it he will appreciate it.  

Would love to hear what gifts you’ve given that have blown his socks off?  Let me know in the comments section.


The #1 strategy to help you save time and money on your wedding

Canada’s summer has finally arrived and with it wedding season.   The excitement of planning your wedding can soon lead to stress if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want.A THRILLING

Having a vision or theme is a wonderful way to organize your wedding. Color palette, dress, flowers are all intricate pieces that need to come together seamlessly to create your dream wedding.

A vision board is one tool you can use to can help in the process, while going through the countless magazines you’ll be going through clip out what you are drawn to. While online create a space where all of your inspiration can be brought together so you can see what works and what doesn’t before you invest your time or money.

One of the hottest trends this year is the vintage wedding, think lace, light pastel colours (pink is gorgeous), pearls and quiet elegance.

If the vintage wedding is something that appeals, the look can easily be reproduced. Cream or white table clothes with lace runners and glass cylinders filled with pearls and teal lights are a few ways to accomplish this look.Crop Lace and Pearl Blue

From your gown to the decor of your reception; everything should be exactly how you envisioned it when planning your wedding day. Having a vision or theme will help you create the wedding of your dreams while saving you time and money.

Do you have a theme for your wedding? Let us know in the comments section.

All About The Name Jarah

Jarah is a name I have never heard of but I’m happy to share some fun facts and his story with you. His grandmother surprised him with his very own personalized race car door banner for his birthday. His name is now proudly displayed on his bedroom door :)

According to sheknows.com Jarah is a Hebrew boy’s name and in Hebrew it means he gives sweetness. It is pronounced JAY-rah and other variations are Jarrah & Jeriah. Thinkbabynames.com states that Jarah is not a popular first name in the US or outside of the US but you will see below where his parent’s inspiration to name their baby came from. It is quite a unique and special name to them.


Mom and Dad’s Story:

There was a great long list of girl's names in a document on Jarah’s parent’s computer; next to it was a much shorter list of boy's names. Mom was pregnant and they both didn't want to know the sex of the baby, so they had to decide on two options. When they finally chose, they kept it quiet and waited for the baby to show up. It was a boy, and the name they picked suited him - Jarah.

The name came to them from a U2 song, One Tree Hill, where Jara refers to a South American freedom fighter; they even named their ferret after him. They liked the sound of it and when they started taking it more seriously, as a baby name, it really grew on them.Race Car Door Banner

The name is Hebrew and comes from Chronicles. It means 'he brings sweetness' or 'honeycomb' or 'sweet like honey.' It means even more because one of their favorite songs is Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World.

Jarah's name has layered meanings to his parents and they are so happy they gave him a unique, ancient and beautiful name.

This is Jarah’s story and we would love to hear yours. Did you name your son Jarah or any variation of the name? Was your child named after a family member? What was your process in selecting your child’s name? We would love to hear your "how I named my baby" story.

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Black Friday is Friday Nov 28th and Christmas is around the corner.  It's a great time to get your holiday Black Friday Sale1 day onlyNovember 28,(1)shopping underway.  Our banners are personalized and unique and we offer free shipping on all orders to Canada and US locations. See our FAQs for restrictions.  For orders shipping outside of Canada and the US please contact us.

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Happy shopping!


What’s in a Name?

Victoria Lady Bug Door BannerWe hope you enjoyed our most recent “What’s in a Name” blog post about Vanessa.

Victoria loves her Lady Bug door banner and here is her story. Her parents found it so easy to find their daughters name. As they sat waiting for their very first ultrasound the name just came to Victoria’s Mom. She had never considered the name before but when it did enter her mind she knew it was 'the name'. She mentioned it to Victoria’s Dad as they waited and he loved it as much as her. From then on they referred to her belly as Victoria. When Victoria was about 18 months she had trouble saying her name and decided that everyone would call her Tia. This stuck and now the family refers to her as Tia. She is now 4 and has no trouble saying her name and insists that everyone else calls her Victoria.
According to thinkbabynames.com Victoria is pronounced vic-TOR-ee-ah and is of Latin origin. The meaning of Vanessa is victory and was a goddess who smiled on the ancient Roman people for centuries. Victoria has 31 different variations. Vittoria is an Italian form, Viktoria is Czech and Victoire is French.

Some famous people named Victoria are:

Victoria Justice, American actress
Victoria "Tori" Spelling, American actress
Victoria Woodhull, American suffragist
Victoria Ruffo, Mexican actress
Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice
Victoria Principal, American actress
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, who will eventually be Queen
Queen Victoria was the Monarch of Great Britain and Ireland from June 1837 until her Death.

This is Victoria’s story and we would love to hear yours. Did you name your child Victoria or any variation of the name?

Was your child named after a family member? Celebrity? What was your process in selecting your child’s name? We would love to hear your "how I named my baby" story.

Stay tuned for another blog post of one of the names on our clients banner.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Website launch Anniversary

Exactly one year ago today we launched Knock Knock Banners website!! The amazing Dahna Weber, CEO of MINC and her team did an amazing job understanding our vision and a year later we still love it. It fully embraces our brand and beauty of all our banners. Our site provides our visitors with information about us and what we do, updated with the latest information about our products and it’s user-friendly navigation makes it easy to browse through our pages.

To celebrate this anniversary we are launching our new 2014 Christmas collection. We have new adorable Christmas Bedroom Door Banners and Christmas Family Name Banners that sparkle with the joy and spirit of Christmas.  Santa's Furry Friends Door Banner Winter Wonderful Door BannerChristmas Family Name BannerThis past year has been awesome and we’ve met amazing new friends from all over the world. A huge thank you to our clients, fans and followers and we look forward to another year ahead!!


Thanksgiving Signature Banner

AAA reported that in 2013 43.4 million Americans will travel during the Thanksgiving holiday period. For many Americans Thanksgiving is a big celebration and some say bigger than Christmas.

In honor of this special holiday in the US, we're thrilled to introduce a new Signature Banner to our collection.  The Thanksgiving Signature Banner is designed with the holiday spirit of family gathering, warmth and sharing in mind.  The host will be busy preparing a feast and excited to receive family and friends.  Why not bring them the gift of love?  This banner is personalized with the hosts name and the year is shown on the center pumpkin.  Family and friends can sign their name or leave a note of thanks. For the family hosting, Thanksgiving 2014 will always be remembered!Thanksgiving Signature Banner

Visit our shop under Occasions to order your Thanksgiving Signature Banner.  In order to get your banner on time the deadline to order is November 6th, 2014.

We look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Happy shopping and Happy Thanksgiving :)






What’s in a name?

We hope you enjoyed Jacob’s 'What’s in a Name' blog post last week.

Jacob’s sister Josie followed 3 years later and her parents didn’t take long to decide her name. They  decided on the name Josie although the version Josy or Josie was never decided. After a very long labor, Mom was exhausted and let Dad choose the spelling and so Josie it was :)

According to babynamewizard.com Josie comes from Josephine and means ‘God will add’ in Hebrew. It’s pronounced JOH-zee and nicknames for Josie are Jo-Jo and Jo.

Famous real-life people named Josie:

Josie Maran, American fashion supermodel (born Johanna Maran)
Josie Bissett, American actress (born Jolyn Bissett)
Josie Loren, American actress

Josie in song, story & screen:

Josie and the Pussycats
Josie - song by Donovan
Josie - song by Steely Dan
Josie - song by Blink 182

This is Josie’s story and we would love to hear yours. Did you name your child Josie or any variation of the name? It is a fun name and Josie is lucky to called both nicknames Jo and Jo-Jo.

Was your child named after a family member? Celebrity? What was your process in selecting your child’s name? We would love to hear your "how I named my baby" story.

Stay tuned for another blog post of a name from a clients banner.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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What’s in a Name?

We hope you enjoyed our first “What’s in a Name” blog post last week. Josie and Jacob are brother and sister and their birthdays are a month apart. They each got as a gift their own birthday banners for their rooms. Josie loves her birthday princess banner and Jacob has fun showing off his soccer birthday banner to his friends.

Jacob’s parents each made their own list of baby names. Since he was the first born the search was long. Mom and Dad shared their lists but unfortunately neither of them liked the others. One day they decided on Jacob and that was that!

According to behindthename.com Jacob is pronounced JAY-keb and other variations are Jaycob and Jakob (Swedish/Norwegian/Danish). Wikipedia states that Jacob was the most popular boys name in the US from 1999 to 2012. It is derived from the Greek name lakobos and Hebrew name Yaakov. In the old testament his name is explained as the ‘holder of heel’ or ‘supplanter’.

Here are some famous people named Jacob according to Babynamefacts.com:

JACOB D. BEAM, Diplomat
JACOB BELL, football player
JACOB BENDER, football player
JACOB BRUMFIELD, baseball player
JACOB CLEAR, 2008 Olympic athlete - Australia - Canoe/Kayak Flatwater
JACOB CRUZ, baseball player
JACOB FIGNER, football player
JACOB FORD, football player
JACOB GIBB, 2008 Olympic athlete - United States - Beach Volleyball
JACOB H. GILBERT, Politician
JACOB GRIFFIN, football player

This is Jacob’s story and we would love to hear yours. Did you name your child Jacob or any variation of the name? It is a very popular name!

Was your child named after a family member? Celebrity? What was your process in selecting your child’s name? We would love to hear your "how I named my baby" story.

Stay tuned for Josie’s story next week :)

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Baptism Signature Banner

Here are the before and after pictures of a new baptism signature banner.  This banner was designed for a baby boy celebrating his holy communion. A guest is leaving a personal message and as he grows his parents will be able to read all the heartfelt messages.  A beautiful keepsake that will last a lifetime.


New Bat Mitzvah Banner

Here are the before and after pictures of our latest signature banner.  Our client loved her daughter's bat Mitzvah banner!  The guests gathered around and left heartwarming messages of love for her special occasion.  This banner captured the essence of the celebration and will be a conversation piece that will last a lifetime.  Congratulations to the lovely young lady :)

Bat Mitzvah Banner20140610_210626_resized

My wedding anniversary story

Spring is finally here, the sun is out and the 2014 wedding season is upon us. Our signature banners are designed to capture these moments in time and with every celebration (engagements, weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, etc), family and friends are there to share the joy.

Our clients have asked for larger signature banners so we aim to please!   Visit our shop under Occasions to see our latest styles and sizes.  To celebrate the season enjoy 25% off our wedding and anniversary banners.

Here's the story of my wedding anniversary.  This past New Year’s Eve my husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  Time flies doesn’t it?!   When planning our wedding we decided on an intimate setting with close family and friends.  We explored all our options from a cruise wedding to an island wedding. Before we met, my husband hosted every New Year’s Eve so we finally decided on a NYE wedding.  What a perfect time to share our vows in front of our loved ones and ring in the New Year at the same time.  The ceremony was beautiful with my brother-in-law officiating the wedding.  Now, every NYE is a double celebration!

Our guests and kids had a blast signing our wedH&T wedding anniversary signature banner_dec31, 2013ding anniversary signature banner and it is now beautifully displayed in our home.

Contact us and we will be happy to help you with your banner questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!




Signature Banner – A treasured keepsake for a university graduation!

Stephanie graduation bannersmallerA signature banner to capture memories for my step-daughter’s university graduation. Our family and friends celebrated this special occasion on a beautiful summer day. The banner was signed with messages of love and best wishes.

Stephanie loves her beautiful personalized banner that reminds her of the huge accomplishment in her life. Her signature banner is hanging on her office wall and is a great conversation piece for visitors.

Graduation Banner2