Premium quality at a competitive price

• My graphic designers know how to translate your idea into a visually stunning display with artwork, photos, spacing, fonts and colors that capture the essence of your event.

• Printing is done on a premium quality board that is lightweight yet rigid and durable, as well as moisture, dent and scratch resistant. It comes up to 40” wide and has an elegant matte finish that looks beautiful framed.

• My printing teams use only UV resistant, non fade printing inks – ensuring that your memories stay vivid forever.

• We pay attention to the tiniest of details: your board even comes beautifully packaged, complete with ribbon, thank you card and loyalty coupon for your next purchase.

• Quality assurance and error proofing is built in to our process: my team ensures that your text is free of grammar and spelling errors, and that your photos are high enough resolution to give the result you want.

Personalized service and on time-delivery that keeps you smiling from start to finish

• Our process starts with an in depth dialog, so that both of us really understand what you want – and if you’re not sure, I’ll help you figure it out and find what’s going to put a smile on your face.

• You always have someone to talk to. My open door policy means that I am always available to answer your questions and you deal with one person from start to finish.

• There’s no surprises and no guesswork: you see a proof of your final poster and give final approval before it goes into production.

• You never have to wonder what to do or how to do it: I know the best people in the industry and will use my resources to keep your project running efficiently and on time. Your event is a happy one and we want you to stay that way, too.

• Working with me, your life is easy: my team has all the latest technical and digital expertise, so you never have to figure out how to resize or crop a photo or find artwork to illustrate your idea – we do all the work and all the follow up, so you don’t have to.

• A free one hour design consultation is included with every order.

• You get an unconditional “happiness guarantee” – if you’re not totally happy with the quality of your poster, send it back to me and I’ll refund your money with a smile.